A Good Book on a Cold Winter Night

My new sister-in-law tagged me in a photo the other day.  This is the photo.


I laughed and commented that there is to be a party at my house.  BYOB and by B, I mean books.  I love to read!!!!  When I was younger and had fewer responsibilities, I would read whole series in a week or two.  In fact, I would troll the library looking for authors who had long series because it made selecting a book, okay, selecting 5 or 10 books easier. 

My husband gets frustrated with me sometimes because we will sit down to watch a television program and I will have my book in hand so that I can read during the commercials. 

I was told that I get my love of reading from my grandma, the one with the dozen children.  She gave up reading novels about 60 years ago.  She told me that she had to.  At the end of a long and busy day with 5 small children, she would get them all settled and asleep and she would pick up a novel to read for a few minutes before going to bed herself.  At 4am, she would close the finished book and her eyes.  Then the baby, child number 5, would wake up less than two hours later.  This happened so regularly that she had to stop her addiction cold turkey.

When Onen first started talking, I started teaching him words, lots and lots of words.  Then I started pointing out letters and words.  I didn’t sit him down with flashcards and force him to repeat after me, I just talked about words and letters all the time.  And he saw me reading, heard me reading.  I couldn’t imagine him living for years being unable to read.  I joked that he would be reading before I would be able to get him potty trained.

We went on vacation with my mom and step dad just a few months before Onen’s third birthday.  I packed his swim suit, diapers, and several library books.  He read them to his grandparents.  They were the early reader type, “The red truck goes fast”, kind of books.  The picture at the top was taken on that trip.


He sometimes reads before bed.  Here is a picture from this past summer. 

I sent him to bed 90 minutes ago.  He just now fell asleep.  He must not have been tired because he read six picture books, including “Green Eggs and Ham” and one “Junie B Jones” chapter book.  I am in shock about the chapter book,  He says that he read that “quietly.”  It took him, roughly, 20 minutes.  I just read the first two chapters, 20 pages, It took me 4 minutes.  I think this 88 page book would take me…20 minutes.  I am not so sure that I believe him.  Can this kid really read as fast as I can?  Yet, he is one of the most honest people I know.  Maybe he did.  Maybe.



4 thoughts on “A Good Book on a Cold Winter Night”

  1. You were just a toddler when I made you walk to the library once a week, it was a mile, we would get all the books that they would allow. Your dad would read every science fiction book I brought home, I started in the A section worked all the way down. Lol you were destined to read. Read on my family, read on, toss out the TV & read! While you are at it pick up The GOOD book & read it daily. I joy in reading the Bible it IS my favorite read & my favorite author

    1. I don’t remember walking there, but I remember making you read all ten picture books that we checked out daily. When you were too busy too read, for example making dinner, I “read” them to you.

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