Juo’s Post


Psalm :69

Must Read

Today is ok so far.  I know god love’s me, my Hart Eake’s for love.  My love for God is everlasting.  My love for Flish need’s to grow even more.  Im trying to grow even more.  Im trying to Do my Best with everthing.  It Dose not seem to Help out, Im still not gooDe nuff For Flish, But God know that Im good, just missunder stod, Here on earth!

I pray

God Come Fast

Save me, Im in deep

water.  Im in trouble,

Hurry to Help me.

Your love, God. Is

keeping me liveing.

Your love, God, is

everlasting.  Your love,

God, is Forever.  God

Don’t let them take my

loved one’s away from me

God; you know what I have done

wrong.  I cannot hide my guilt

From you.  Lord God All powerful,

Don’t let those who hope in you Be

ashamed Because of me.

Forgive me and save me lord

love me.  Help me, in Jesuses

Name  Aman.


Black College Ruled- page 2

I got so much knowlige in my Head, that I cant stand it Any more.  Not No time to Do It All.  Not No time to Help anyone But my slfe, can’t.  think of 10 things at ones, that will Drive you nuts.  Do this Do that this, that, u Have time, Juo No I Don’t

So many thing to Do not Enuff time.

You ask why Im like this! MAD

Fix plumeing, Fix Floors, Go work At Night, paint this, Fix this car, Fix that car, Change this Change that Go see the Doctor, Go see Juanat, Brush you teath, Do your lonedy, Fix Food Do the Dishish, take out trash, Remove Floor, Fix Floor, Fix the Fan, Fix Your slfe, No Time to Do all this.  Do it Juozapo, your good At that.  I cant Do it All, Im not God

Helf your slfe Before you Help Others,

No, It is like this.  I’l Help you, and I get no help in Return



Black College Ruled    page 3

Fix the Floors Juo

And If I Don’t Do it, I Don’t

love her enuff  Right I love to.  I just am


“stress out”



oupshen: I need to Help others


Fears: I am not good enuff.

DisApointing other’s,


oupshens:  love, Famly, sex with wife, Happeyniss

God, Jesus, Feeling good, Being Exseped


Fears:  Not Being Exseped, Angers From others,

Not Being able to Help other,


I Don’t wish to Be slfeish.

I love Helping others.

It Hard Not to Help others.

I Don’t Need to Be slfeish.

Slfeishzem is  BAD.


I need Help Helping others,

that would Help me out a lot!


I need my wife and Family.  or

I will Die!

Pot slows me, I can Focis!


Black College Ruled  page 4

No one understands me!

You can’t see we (All) Have Bad, or ode Habits,

You Don’t Heat larg women

Because thay eat.

You Don’t Heat Fast Food

Because it is Fast.

You Don’t Heat caffean.

Because it keep u awake.

You Don’t Heat computers,

Do to Actsut to Knowliges.

You Don’t Heat, work, play, money or Anything in life?

Do you got Heat?


Can you Fix it?

Dose anyone know your Heats?

Can thay Fix it?

Can I Help you?

It might Help me!


Black College Ruled  page 5

Do You like Helping others?

Do you like Helping others in need?

How do you Deal with stress?


I got some Darkniss in me.

Do you Have Darkniss in you?


And If you anserd “No,” to the last Qustion

You are in Denile (liying to your slfe)

We (All) Have sme Darkniss in sied of us.  That is the truth!

Do you think that, you should Be punished for your Darkniss?

Then should I Be punished for my Darkniss?

Are you smart?

Am I smart?

Ganeing trust is a Funney (Hard) thing for me.

So lets keep going.

Do you Drink Alcohole?

Do you Drink Caffing?

Do you Smoke Anything?

Do you go to Church?

Do you Bolive in Jesus?

Do you live in a $4,000.00 Box?

Do you Have a car with over 3,000,000 miles on it?


Black College Ruled  page 6

Jesus Died For you

The Truth matters to me

Do you Have Kids?

Have you ever tried Marijuana?

Have you ever got Drunk?

Have you ever stolen any thng?

Is your addatud a Fake?

Do you get mad?

Do you get sad?

Do you cry?

Have you ever Been lock up?

Do you make misstakes?

Do you ligh?

Do you chet?

R you marred?

Do you Chet on your sex partner?

Is your Family a prayorty or not?

Are you a teacher?

Can you Fix a car?

Can you Roof a House?

Can you por cement?

Can you Bild a House?

Can you Plant flowers and keep tem alive?

Can you put stichis in?

Can you cline?

Can you sow?

Can you wire a House?

Can you Drave a car?

Can you Run a Bobcat?

Can you Run a BackHo?

Can you Fix a gas pump?

Can you plum a House?

Can you Fix a AC unit?

The list keeps going on, and on!


Black College Ruled  page 8

Read with :CAUTION:


10:28 pm

So life is tuff?  that Annt no shit. (crap).  So a car can run out of gas, Right?  What Happens to a Hart, that love is taken away from?  – – Well It Die’s.  Mine Dose anyway, take love From me (Juozapo) I Die a little more, some times I Die Faster.  Harteak is not good For most.  Some get over it Fast, But some never get over Harteak, And thats Bad.  Im sufffeing from long term Harteak.  And this is the truth. It lead to stress, stress leads to Depression, whitch leads to Bipoler Disorder, whitch lead to Exsesof/Conpolsof Disorder.  Whitch leads to Anger, whitch lead to lose of my family, whitch lead to thights of sueasied, and Hopelisniss, and Deth of Me (Juozapo).



10:34 pm

Got to work tonight, it sucks

Trash Detell, other shit to!

Same Med’s-   EPITOL:


Thay kicked my Ass, we will see How lone that last, stay tone for Report on med’s


Black College Ruled   page 9


2:40 am


whin you ARE SAD, You R Rill Sad  I see that others R in truble to.  How can It get Better.  We Don’t know, some say god, some say live, some say fuck it and move on.  some use Druges, ok there are meney way’s to cope with life are any of the Bad?  Yes, some can.  I am not that Bad, I am not that Bad.  I love to help others, I just Don’t have the manpower or the resors or ($) to Do the things I need to Do.  May wife, and kids need A good Dad and Husben.  I am trying Hard  to Do Right.  It is not good  E nuff.  Still I am not good E nuff.  I am trying so Hard I can’t get it.  I must Be Fucking Stuped.   I am trying to Do my Best.  But It is Hard to get it RIGHT!

Forgive me!




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