For the Birds

A few years back, we got WIC, food assistance for mothers and children.  They gave us coupons for jars and jars of baby food every week.  So, Onen ate lots of baby food.  We don’t get that anymore.  Therefore, I felt easier going with my preferred method of baby feeding.  Le Leche League calls it baby-led weaning.  My husband calls it extreme frugality. 

Tia started reaching and begging for the food on my plate when she was about 4 months old.  So I offered her a little taste occasionally.  I started with things that had simple ingredient lists.  Once she could grab things and put them in her mouth, I started offering her things to feed herself.  It was really not all that different than what I did with Onen, or what I had done with the children at the daycare center where I had one worked.  It wasn’t different in what regular food I offered.  The difference was what I didn’t offer.  I left out the cute little jars of baby food.  I left out baby cereal.  And, because we don’t have it in the house, I left out bite sized kids cereals too..

It seemed like such a good, healthy choice because breastmilk is completely adequate nutrition for at least a year,  Tia is now a year old.  She eats a few bites of the food that we serve her, a cracker, some craisens, maybe a teaspoon of rice, a few pieces of cooked veggies.  Then she turns to me and demands to nurse. 

I am eating 5 meals a day.  I crave all kinds of high fat and high sugar foods.  I have lost  all my baby weight from both Tia and Kati.  We are up all night because she nurses every 2 or 3 hours.  Now I see why most mothers don’t do this.  It is a ton of extra bother.  This is for the birds. 

If my dad reads this he will ask, “Are you bragging or complaining?”  Perhaps it is a bit of both.


*remember* —-The views in this post reflect choices that I have made for my family.  They are not meant to criticize the choices that other mothers make for their families.Image


2 thoughts on “For the Birds”

  1. I really think it’s interesting to read about the child-rearing choices you’ve made, since I’ve made a lot of the same ones (and honestly I don’t know many people who did). It can sometimes feel isolating to make choices outside of the mainstream, especially when people can be judgmental (like when you breastfeed past age 1!).

    We did baby-led weaning with Max, and I think it worked well, at least in the sense that we didn’t have to buy special “baby” food. It did NOT stop him from eventually becoming a picky eater, as some books will claim. But I liked that he was eating what we ate, was learning how to chew and swallow, and was being exposed to different foods (and food textures) from a young age.

    I also allowed Max to self-wean from breastfeeding, and he just recently stopped. Probably a few months after he turned 3? I was almost starting to think self-weaning was a myth, but then it just happened. I’m glad we stuck with it, though. 🙂

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