The Tax Code Is Crazy


Again, I am not sure if I am bragging or complaining.  The tax code in this country is messed up.  I sat down earlier this week to figure out our taxes.  I used one of the popular online options.  I figured up the federal and then started on the two states that we have to file in.  Then I decided that I was making stuff up because I had no idea what the answers were to their simple state based questions.  I wasn’t about to pay $88 for a free service that I knew I was messing up.  So, I am going to take it into a CPA service to figure out how to pay taxes to two states, one for the privilege of working in and one for the privilege of living in.

Okay, so filing isn’t so easy, but we are getting a nice return back… Way more than we paid.  That is the confusing part.  This thing makes no sense.  I understand the concept of exemptions, deductions, credits and all that.  We have a relatively simple income compared to most.  And, I love the fact that the federal government is going to pay for our trip to India this year.  But…seriously why can’t they rewrite this thing so that it makes sense.  I could write a personal income tax code that makes sense.  Here is my version.


List all your personal income from every source.

Since Obamacare has been declared by the Supreme Court to be a tax, list the total amount you paid for insurance.

Subtract insurance costs from income.

Multiply this new amount by 15%.

This percentage is the fed’s.  Thank you very much.


See simple.  They could then cut the IRS back to about 10 really good hackers who verify income amounts, and tada, it is done.  I know that it will never happen.  I also know that there are way more federal taxes than that.  OSHA, medicare and SSI being the three big ones.  So lets add those in with a strait percentage as well, say 5% each, or whatever is necessary in order to fund the coming year’s projected needs. 


That would never work.  The poor would have to pay taxes too.  The good earners wouldn’t have to pay extra.  And the federal government wouldn’t be paying my travel bills.


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